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No Other Name

Last night, October 20, 2020 about 8:20 pm I received a FB message from one of our church member asking me and my youth leader to come to their house to pray for her sister, also a member of our youth praise team. Their whole family were crying and are troubled because she was singing very loud yesterday afternoon at their cousin's house and then suddenly she closed all their windows and she laid down and did not move until evening. She was very stiff but breathing. When she came to her senses, they went home but when they got home they could not talk to her. All she was saying is that she needed to talk to me and our youth leader and that there were three other entity (supposedly persons) with her that she befriended and one of them is threatening her. She was told that if she tells them to go away that they will take her with them. She also told her family that they took a picture together and on the picture she did not have a head.

So I gather the church leaders and told them what is going on. We read from the Word of God about the power of the name of Jesus and His blood, that there is no power against us can prosper and put on the whole armor of God! We prayed and we sang praise songs as we walked on the way to their house. I also posted on FB and asked for prayer covering.

We came to the house and her sisters and mom were calm and smiling but you can feel the tense and sorrow in the air. I immediately prayed for the house from the outside and its surrounding and anointed the house with oil. We found her laying on their bed and suddenly were violent and kicking. A couple of her male cousin and boyfriend got hold of her and we started praying for her. As the leaders and my wife were praying for her and talking to her reminding her that she belong to Jesus whom she accepted as her Lord and Savior. They also encouraged her that she is powerful because she has the Holy Spirit living in her as a child of God.

I ministered to her whole family and asked them to pray with me. I also told them that they are the one who can really help her by really acknowledging Jesus as the Lord and King of their home. I shared with them that God loves them so much that He gave His own life for them. And ask them if there is greater than God and all said no. We prayed together to ask for forgiveness of their sin and declared God to be the King who reigns in their home from now on. They ask Jesus to be their Lord and Savior and allowed the Holy Spirit to move and rule in their home and their lives. We suddenly felt a brightness inside the house and a sense of peace.

We then focus on our youth and told her that they are lying spirits and that they are nothing. They are only trying to instill fear and intimidate her. We believe she was not possessed but rather demonized to the point of paralysis. She encouraged her to speak the name of Jesus and she was trying real hard. Until tears started to fall from her eyes although her eyes were sharp and angry. God showed me a picture that only her has the head and the rest of the people on the picture did not have heads. So I told her that the lie she has been told by these spirits. It is them who do not have heads. And I told her that she is very strong because it took three of them against her. I know this girl is a fighter and she knows how to fight. When she realized what I meant a quick smile was form and she started to calm down.

And in JESUS' name, we commanded every spirit who is not from God to leave and never come back. We also told the spirits that they are now muted and deaf. They can no longer scare anyone and are powerless, not that they have power in the first place. Our youth started asking her questions and she started answering by nodding and shaking her head. We kept asking her questions and ask her to say the name of Jesus.

And finally, she was able to say Jesus and suddenly she was calmed and starting answering our questions verbally. We asked if she knows our names and she answered. At one point she answered jokingly as she usually does. And the room was filled with joy and we praise God and glorify His name! Truly there is no other name that is more powerful than the name of Jesus because everyone who calls on His name are saved! And everyone and everything will bow down at the name of Jesus!

Thank you to everyone who covered us in prayer and encouraged us with God's Word and promises! We truly battle on our knees!

Please continue to pray for this family as they rebuild their relationship with each other and their relationship with our Lord. Pray for us also as we continue to minister to this area of the Philippines where much spiritual battle is very real! We are more than conquerors in Christ!

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Ed & Jo

Gospel Empowerment Ministry

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