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When disaster hits, it is often the local church that people rely on for help. Whether it be typhoons, floods, earthquakes, or famine we provide financial and physical resources for relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts.


We believe in long-term solutions and so we partner with local churches in meeting the physical needs and providing spiritual upliftment to the people of the community.


Our desire is for every community to succeed and flourish. We believe education is the best way to eradicate poverty. It is the only lasting solution to reverse the vicious cycle of poverty.

We provide scholarship from pre-school to undergraduate students through sponsorship. Our full scholarship covers the cost of tuition fees, uniforms, and allowances for transportation fares, lunch, projects and other extra curricular activities.

We provide resources to set each student for success! Education is our highest priority when it comes to development. And that is one of the reason we have a Student Center where all levels of students can come and use the computers to access the internet to complete their school works and print their school assignments free of charge.


Making disciples of Christ is the heart of our work. It may look like delivering reliefs or teaching youth music instruments or teaching adults how to use a computer and surf the internet. 


One thing we know is that God is already at work on everyone— we only need to watch where He may be working. We are guests to the great work that is already happening in every person, family & community.


Every help, relief, and development work we engage in is grounded in building relationships that last and leads to discipleship.


Church planting is the heart of our mission. Relationships are very important in all what we do. We do not just meet our church members on Sundays or any church services, we invest in their lives and share life together as a family.


By developing and strengthening each family in our church, we believe there can be an even greater impact to our community, city, and country.


Our Mission Bible School will be centered on developing relationships and generate positive changes in the community.

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