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Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Students see the Dream Center as a miracle that helps them reach their dreams!

As we close the school year 2022-23, we are amazed how much impact the Dream Center has made on our community through the Student Center. It is almost a miracle that we have reached over 300 students who are visiting the Student Center on a daily basis. We see 50-60 students per day who are using computers, printing, and accessing the internet to do research and their schoolworks.

Teachers, parents, and local community leaders have all expressed how they are seeing the impact the Student Center is making on the lives of the youth in our community. And at the same time, the students are sharing the free services we are providing to their friends and classmates.

IMPACT: Students who otherwise did not care about getting good grades before are now motivated because they have access to computers and printers and of course the biggest service that they love is the free internet access. Before many students who are poor simply accepted the fact that because of their poverty they cannot afford to have access to such resources. But since they do now through the Student Center, they are taking full advantage of it and as a result, our community has seen a great increase in honor students.

One student approached us and said that, for them, the Dream Center is a miracle. Just the location of it is unthinkable, in a remote and a narrow street. Who would think that someday a center that helps students reach their dreams will be built here.

“The Dream Center is a miracle for many of us because we never could imagine that something like this will be established by someone who lives from another country and help us reach our dreams!”

It is also a miracle that we were able to build a bigger room to accommodate this exponential increase of students (see our YouTube video). Never did we imagine to be ministering to this many students nor did we ever imagine that someone would have a heart to help us build the new room (the whole second floor).

The Student Center is helping our church’s youth ministry to grow tremendously with the help of Students Daily Devotions with the students who are willing to attend and other youth ministry activities such as Youth Camp and Music Training. Discipleship is a daily activity at the Dream Center! And this reminds me how the early church grew (Acts 2:42-47) where thousands were added in the church because of the signs and wonders (miracles) that follow the disciples. And the results of these miracles, many became disciples and dedicated themselves to the teachings of the disciples and breaking of bread (fellowships).

At the Dream Center, especially at the Student Center, many youths are hearing the Gospel while experiencing God’s love through the provisions for their education. Our scholarship program has resulted in 3 college graduates this year: a teacher, a policeman, and a food technician. And we cannot forget the many honors that the students at the Dream Center have achieved. We are living miracles daily and we pray that you will join us in keeping these miracles happen in the lives of the poor families in the Philippines.

There is nothing we rather do than to keep being the "miracle" in our community so that many more will get to experience God's love and hear the Gospel. Your support is much needed so join us in bringing miracles into the lives of many more poor families in the Philipines.

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