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Grand Opening: Student Center @ DCP

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Full pledge Student Center now open to help students catch their dreams.

The Student Center is designed to support students in our community to complete their education with complete resources to reach their full potential. Without the Student Center in our community, these students from poor families are at the disadvantage since they do not have access to the internet nor computers to write, research, and get extra instructions. Unlike their peers who have these resources, they have no choice but to settle for lower grades and test scores because of their lack of access to such resources.

Four years ago, we started helping a hand full of students in our neighborhood by allowing them to use our laptop, printer, and internet access. Each year the number of students kept growing and today we finally opened a large room with 10 computers, 3 printers and fast 100 Mbps internet access.

The last grading period was a milestone for many of the students as they achieve high grades of 90 and higher. For many it is their first time achieving these high grades and for some these are the highest grade they have attained. It only proves to these students what we have been teaching them through the Dream Center that “hard work pays!” And with proper tools and resources, they too can succeed in life!


Students are now self-confident and are empowered to reach their dreams after they have proven that with proper resources and dedication to do hard work in studying that they too can achieve what their well-to-do peers have been accomplishing. They are now motivated and more competitive as the playing field has been fairly established. They are now catching their dreams!

The Student Center has many programs as well to support students not only to finish their education but to finish with flying colors also. High school students with honors can earn college scholarships from GEM and our Academic Incentive Program (AIP) offers monetary rewards to students who have raised their grades to 90 or higher. AIP not only motivates students to study well to get good grades but also to help their families financially.

Help change lives for the better:

one student, one family, one community at a time!

With over 500 students now visiting the Student Center on a monthly basis, we can only imagine what kind of community we will have in the future. What kind of future the poor families in our community will have. And how great will the future be for generations to come. But that road is still too far ahead and things can change in any moment as we have experienced with the pandemic.

With the long road ahead of us, will you consider joining us in the journey by becoming a monthly supporter or a partner in the ministry. Help change lives for the better: one student, one family, one community at a time!

Aside from supporting us financially, you can also come and do short-term missions with us, tutoring or teaching how to use computers. You can also minister to students and lead Student Bible Studies and perhaps lead a campus ministry. Come and visit and perhaps you will find your mission in life here.

Together let us help these students catch their dreams and bring positive change into the lives of the poor families in the Philippines.

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