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PROBLEM: Indigenous Children Preprimary Education

Most indigent children are at great disadvantage at kindergarten level.

From our community survey, parents shared why their children did not want to go to school at kindergarten:

- They do not know their alphabets and numbers like other children in their class

- They could not write their names

- They do not have “shiny shoes” like other children

- Their uniforms are old and worn out unlike the new uniform their classmates have

At this early stage of education, these children already are suffering low self-esteem and low confidence.

SOLUTION: The Children Center. We will provide critical skills prior to kindergarten to ensure children of indigent families are on par with their peers when they step into kindergarten. They will know their alphabets, numbers, and they will be able to write their names by providing FREE preprimary education, uniform and snack.

We will employ devices such as tablets with nursery educational apps and TV featuring educational programs. We will also employ biblical stories for storytelling to teach respect, good moral and right conducts.

Social distancing will be strictly enforce and our rooms will be disinfected prior to each class.

So our main goal is to eliminate the disadvantages by providing FREE pre-primary education to children of indigent families.

Our mission is “Preparing Young Minds for Success!

Not even COVID crisis can stop us from opening the Children Center at Christians in Action Pinagbobong compound. By the way, we have name the compound Dream Center. We are so excited to open the Children Center after a long delay caused by a typhoon in December and now the COVID virus.

Additionally, the Children Center will provide livelihood to 10 ladies who will be employed as facilitators, food preparation, and administrators.

Will you support our Children Center in giving indigent children a fighting chance at attaining education? Feel free to email us at or visit our website at

SIDE NOTE: Kindergarten is a prerequisite for Grade 1 following the passage of Republic Act 10157 or the Kindergarten Education Act in the Philippines starting school year 2012-2013. The law supposed to strengthen the basic education program and should achieve 100 percent primary education by 2015 as one of the Millennium Development Goals.

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