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Church Building Complete. Now What?

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Completion of our church building brings focus on our next journey as a church.

The journey of rebuilding our church is full of wonderful and not so wonderful stories. Like any journey it has its twists and turns; ups and downs; and unexpected events. Our rebuilding journey started two years ago when our original church building was demolished by super typhoon. We had no choice but to hold worship services out in the open. We posted on Facebook the before and after pictures of our church building and soon after prayers were offered and answered.

Even while we were rebuilding, COVID hits and kept us from rebuilding for awhile. We persevere in our rebuilding efforts and many came to our side and helped us not only rebuild but help others rebuild their homes and relationships. 30 families received raw materials to repair or replace their roofs. Many came to hear the Word of God and rebuild their relationships with God and with their families.

Meeting Physical Needs, Addressing Spiritual Needs

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been engaged with food reliefs and medicine distributions while we are still rebuilding our church. We went to other communities to help out with the loss of work and livelihood due to the typhoons and the pandemic. We started giving food packs for relief on a weekly basis, biweekly and finally monthly as the support for food relief dwindles. Nevertheless, we were able to meet physical needs and gave over 3,000 food relief packs and 300 tarps. The relief packs fed 12,000 people and the tarps provided temporary shelters and even temporary place to conduct worship services.

With the our relief outreaches, we were able to reach 7 other communities where we are now having outreaches and Bible studies. We are anticipating by the end of 2022, we may be able to plant churches on some of these outreaches.

Mission, Missions, Missional

Despite of many activities, events and outreaches we are conducting, we did not lose sight of "The Mission." Our focus was and will always be the Great Commission: Make Disciples. We fulfill the Mission through various kinds of Missions: scholarship and education programs, youth development, disaster reliefs, and livelihood. And we are Missional because we are committed to Evangelism, Discipleship, and Church Planting.

Going back to the question, "Now what?" We are now engaged in training 9 new pastors who will be planting new churches to the communities where we have ministered. Much work ahead of us but we are motivated and willing to fulfill the vision God has given us.

Our next journey will take us to church planting. Training new pastors is just one of many preparations we have to make to be able to plant churches that will plant churches. Just as we disciples Christians who will also make disciples, we envision planting churches that will send out disciples who will plant churches. The leaders of our church are motivated, dedicated, and committed in going out to plant churches throughout Tabaco City with 47 barangays. We know at least 12 barangays that still do not have a Christian church. Some of our students are from other regions of the Philippines and they too desire to go back to their region and plant churches there. We will not be able to send them all out if we do not have enough partners, supporters, and donors who will be committed to support each church planted.


So as you read this, know that we need partners, supporters and donors more than ever to do everything we are doing and will be doing. If you are already supporting us, we encourage you to consider raising your support. If you have supported us in the past, we want to ask you to make a monthly commitment. If you have not supported us, this may be the time for you to do so. What we do produces positive changes in the lives of poor families and their communities. We do it through sharing the Gospel by life, Word, and deeds.

When you support us, you will be a Christian Witness together with us in bringing hope, joy, and love to the poor families in the Philippines. You will be giving children chances to have a better future as we support their education through the Dream Center.

If you are a church or know a church who will be willing to support planting a church and see it grow and sent out disciples to plant churches, we definitely would love to hear from you. Contact us through email or FB Messenger. LET'S DO THIS!!!

You can also visit our YouTube Channel to watch and learn more of us.



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