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Joining God in His Work

Preparing future pastors to join God in His work.

Finally, after a long delay and moving the start date of the school a couple of weeks, we have started our Mission Bible School. We are so excited to finally start with ten students.

After much prayer and counseling from other fellow ministers and church planters we have initiated our very first class. After much work in putting together a curriculum together, raising enough funds so we can start, and finalize who can attend the first class, we have started!

Thanks to everyone who prayed with us and for us; to everyone who donated toward the purchase and development of the teaching and learning materials; and everyone who sponsored the students (we still need sponsors). We ultimately thank God for providing everything we have needed to start because we know and acknowledge that all good and perfect gifts come from God.

So what is the Mission Bible School Vision?

Our vision is to prepare ministers to accomplish the “MISSION” that God have entrusted to His Church. That is to make Him known! And by making Him known we meant sharing the great love of God to every community we are sent to restore their relationship with our Creator by being a Christian Witness! We will solely rely on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit in meeting the physical needs and addressing the spiritual needs of every community we will be ministering to.


To Reach Our World with the Gospel by Being a Christian Witness!

Joining God in His Work

We are preparing our students to join God in His work because we believe that God has been and is always working to:

  • Reconcile everyone to Himself

  • Restore His plans to prosper and not to harm, and to give hope and a future; and

  • Redeploy His children to tell others of His love and grace.

In starting the Mission Bible School, we had to significantly become flexible due to the pandemic that forced various life adjustments to everyone. Nonetheless, we have pressed on for we know that many are still lost and in need to know the Lord so we are preparing these students to “Go” and plant churches wherever God will lead them.

These students have already started outreaches in two different communities and are conducting worship service on one of them. It will be just a matter of time that one of these students will be planting a church even while finishing Bible school.

Please keep these students in your prayers and consider sponsoring one to complete their training and even perhaps partnering with them in planting a church.

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