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Dream Center is Born

Year 2020 started rough after typhoon Tisoy wreaked havoc in our community at the end of 2019. We were not spared from its destructive winds and rain. Our church and perimeter fences collapsed and totally destroyed because they were made of bamboo wood. But we came back stronger with the help and support of family, friends and donors. Our church and perimeter fences were replaced with more permanent one. We were able to recover and also help 30 families and a number of churches recover by providing construction materials to rebuild their houses and churches.

Just when we thought were all cleared came COVID! All of our services stopped. No Student Center, no worship service, no fellowship, no outreaches, no to anything except to take shelter and abide with the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ESQ). But we did not lose hope, we brought hope instead. We gave out relief goods (rice, canned goods, dried fish, vegetables, milk, soap, toothpaste, coffee & cash) to 800+ families.

All awhile we have started to plan for the future with the “new normal” in mind. Everything is affected by the pandemic. The quarantine gave us plenty of time to assess and re-assess everything we are doing as far as ministry goes. We spent days discussing what would be the next chapter for GEM. Proverbs came to mind regarding multitude of counselors so we also spend time speaking and sharing what we are thinking of about the future.

“Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.”

Proverbs 15:22

Slowly but surely, we have realized after speaking with some of our supporters and beneficiaries what we are really doing as GEM. We are helping people who could not realize their dreams to start reaching for theirs. Dreams that God have put in their hearts a long time ago because God have a plan and purpose for them. Watch our “After 4 years video” and you will see what I mean.

And what we also realize is that we will also need to drastically change how we do things. With reckless abandon, we are now fully committed and engaged to be a community development center. A community development center guided by the Gospel that is! We are Gospel Empowerment Ministry after all.


Be Christian Witness-Proclaiming the Gospel by life, word and deed.


Do Justice, Love Mercy & Walk Humbly.


Love God First, Love Others Always.


Values: Hard Work, Discipline, Respect

With the leap of faith of going to be a community development center, we have named the compound “Dream Center.” It houses our church, our home, the student center, children center and Vision 2020. The name is fitting because it is what the recipients feel and see what the compound stands for. It is a place where people can start to reach for their dreams because what they lack in resources to pursue their dreams, they can find it at the Dream Center.

At the Children Center, we will provide FREE preparatory education to 20 indigent children. Children Center came about as a solution to a problem that indigenous children in regards to their preparatory education. Our mission is “Preparing Young Minds For Success.” You can read our blog about it HERE.

At the Student Center will also be open to the community in support of the Department of Education’s “blended learning” or distance modular learning in response to the effect of the pandemic with education system. We will be providing FREE resources to students in our community who could not afford to rent or buy computer, tablet and cellphone in order to accomplish all required school works with the blended learning system. Find out more about it from my FB post HERE.

We are facing difficult challenges from finishing the Children Center and purchasing all the tools, equipment and materials we will need. We also faces challenges presented by the pandemic that affects how we conduct services provided at the Children Center and at the Student Center. Good news is that we have created 10 jobs for the community at Dream Center for administrative and operations tasks.

As we face these challenges, we want to CHALLENGE YOU to become partners with us. We are looking for partners that will be supporting the Dream Center on a monthly basis. Our estimated monthly expenses is $3000. This will cover all operations and administrative expenses as well as ensures various monthly community development outreaches through Christians in Action Pinagbobong Church continue to impact the community.


10 people x $300 50 people x $60

20 people x $150 60 people x $50

30 people x $100 100 people x $30

40 people x $75 150 people x $20

We pray that you will consider investing in proclaiming the Gospel by helping others achieve the plans and purpose of God for the poor in our community. The poor will not only hear but see and experience God’s love for them through the services provided at the Dream Center.

Contact us for any inquiries you may have about the Dream Center and its mission. To make a pledge of support Click HERE.



We have a new email address: Also you can call and send us text messages at 619-505-9897. If you prefer Facebook Messenger, you can send us message there too.

Ed & Jo Duenas

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