Fair Treatment of Indigent Students


Beautification of the Student Center has been overdue. It gets hot real quick in the student center when we have five (5) or more students using the computers because we only have one window and one electric fan. We added another window and hopefully we can add another electric fan. CCTV will also be added soon.

Most importantly we will be setting up the student center to be COVID compliance where social distancing will be strictly enforced. We are anticipating more students this year as the country will be going through what is called a blended learning. Students will be taking course modules and will need to go online to learn, study & take tests online.

In the community we are in, we have over 800 indigent families. Once again the poor are put into disadvantage since they cannot afford to rent or own computers, smartphones, tablets and internet services. TV & Radio are being considered to be utilized as well but as of this moment, I know those who are without will have to make do with printed materials.

Although I can see Department of Education's commitment to its mission of "no children left behind," it is still unfair for the poor to have less quality of instructions compare to those who can afford to conduct online classes. Additionally, the poor will not have someone at home to reinforce learning since most will likely have uneducated parents.

Many families were already reeling financially from the pandemic and requiring children to have online classes would be an extra burden for them. It is not only the lack of computers or devices but it is also the lack of funds for the internet connection.

Mosaic International Ministry bought us three new laptops and a couple printers and will be used this year. Our God knows what we need even before we ask for them. Timely that we have these now because of the influx of students we are anticipating since students will have to access the internet with their education.

We have contacted the schools in our community and have given them communication letters stating that we are offering access to computers, internet & printers FREE of charge for those students who cannot afford such. So we are hoping for more students this year utilizing our free services.

Please pray for us that we are approved for wired internet connection. We have applied for it but it is taking too long since not enough families can afford the high fees. It can cost from $30 to $65 a month depending on the bandwidth. It becomes tedious buying loads for our internet connection every week or sometimes 2-3 times a week when students peaks on their school works.

We can accommodate up to 5 students at a time in compliance with social distancing policies. Plastic partition will be installed in between computers for added protection to students who will be required to weak face mask. Disinfectant, thermal scanner and shoes disinfectant will also be utilized. Computers will be disinfected before after each use.

Supporting fight against COVID spread and flattening the curve while supporting indigent students to have the same education treatment during the pandemic through the student center with free use of computers, internet and printers.

#raisingthebar #flatteningthecurve

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