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How small breads help students reach for their dreams!

At the Student Center we provide various bread snacks and rolls to all students who come to do school works using the computer, the internet, and printers. Additionally, the students are provided necessary school supplies such as bond papers, writing pads, pens and pencils, notepads, etc...

The simple joy that these breads bring enhances students’ learning. We encourage students to take a break from their school works and have a snack with other students. By breaking bread with fellow students, they become close to each other and they help each other in studying. The older ones helps the younger one. They also take a break by using the swings and the basketball court to unwind and sweat it out. So it is no wonder why students come to the Dream Center and stay as long as they can.

They do not want to leave. Some students spend their whole day at the Dream Center. But it is more than the bread that they want to stay. They stay for the relationship they are building with other students. They go from being fellow students to becoming friends to becoming family in the church. Together they are learning and experiencing the love of God and how they should love one another.

And for a few students, the bread snack really means more. There are students who sometimes do not have food at home to eat. The Dream Center has become their second home for it is a place where they can study, play, and eat; and have a second family.

The best part of all of these is that the previous grading periods we saw great improvement in their grades! They come with their report cards and a smile in their faces because they now know that they have the tools they need to reach for their dreams of completing their education.

These students come to church now because they are grateful to God for the provisions they are receiving through the Dream Center and Student Center. They actually outnumbered our adult worship service attendees by more than double every Sunday.

Praise God for the transformation that is happening in the lives of these students. They are so eager to serve in the church and to help in any capacity at the Dream Center. May it be cleaning the surroundings and the classrooms or pulling off the weeds and helping in the beautification of the yard. Jo and I were beneficiaries of their good will during our 30th year wedding anniversary celebration. The youth cleaned, cooked, decorated, and served at the party. So grateful for these grateful hearts!

Grateful hearts these students have for the daily bread of the Word of God and for these daily breads they get to enjoy and share with each other. And together they are reaching for their dreams at the Dream Center with a little help from these daily breads!

Please continue to support the Dream Center Pinagbobong as we continue to serve these students and provide a little livelihood to our staff and security personnel. God bless.

To God be all the glory!

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