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Riding 100 miles for RTC with Mosaic International to raise funds to support initiatives and programs designed to elevate indigent families from poverty. 


We at GEM engages reversing the cycle through Scholarship Program and Student Center: 

Our Scholarship Program have helped elevate families from poverty by sponsoring their children through college. We are also sponsors Elementary and High School students from indigent families who cannot afford basic needs for their education such as uniforms and lunch. 

On Student Center provides free access to the internet, use of laptops and printers to support their endeavors toward completing their education. Especially now with the COVID, students are basically left on their own to learn and so our Student Center is packed daily.  We averages 20-30 students on a daily basis. They print their modules, search the internet and YouTube to find instructions. They also use the internet to communicate and turn in their school works. We have students come as early as 4 am just for them to make sure they get to use one of our laptops and to be able to study when it is much quiet.

Sponsoring is ongoing until October 25, 2021. Support me and Team Philippines.

You can also pledge monthly support online to support our development programs here on our website. Or CLICK HERE to find out how to support us in other forms.

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