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Pre-K Education


Bright Beginnings Learning Center

FREE Pre-K education to 20 children from indigent families. Providing full set of uniform and snacks. Students learn alphabets, numbers, shapes & colors using tablets, watching videos on TV and books.

Student Center


Bright Dreams Student Center

FREE use of computers, printers/copier, and access to the internet to the indigent students of our community. Beneficial to raising the grades of these students who otherwise do not have or have very limited access to such resources.


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Pre-K to 4 Year College

We provide full-tuition and education assistance to qualified and deserving indigent students to ensure financial need is not the barrier to completing their education. Most of our high school and college scholars are the first one to complete their education from their families.



Buy & Sell

We do not prescribe ready-made solutions, we build relationships. Participants play a part in the livelihood development.  They initiate and plan what livelihood they will most likely succeed, we provide strategic guidance and provide necessary training to give participants the best rate of success.

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