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"The mission is the Church... Church planting is the heart of our mission!"

In order to plant strong and visionary churches, we put great importance on developing relationship because church planting is not just about establishing a place for worship but establishing a basis for coming together.  We believe that a good church planting depends on established good relationships.

Therefore, relationships are at the heart of what we do. We do not just meet our church members on Sundays or any church service, we invest in their lives and share life together as a family. We listen to their needs and act accordingly.


And by strengthening our relationships, we trust, respect, and protect each other. By developing and strengthening each family in our church, we believe there can be an even greater impact in our community, city, and country.


Our Mission Bible School will be centered on developing relationships and on generating positive changes in the community where our churches will be located.

Mobilization also include mobilizing other churches (local & international) to bring teams to support evangelism and discipleship efforts through short-term missions (COMING SOON!).

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